May 152009

A few hundreds thousands years ago, an Alien species predicted the death of their planet when it gets swallowed by a moving black hole; they needed an escape plan.

They discovered a planet some hundreds light years away that had the perfect distance from a star, but the environment wasn’t suitable for them, and the surface didn’t get enough much needed radiation from their star since it was shielded. Since they were a lazy specie, they decide to let someone else do their job. So they asked their computer to create a destructive, agressive, stupid species that can be implemented on earth and its sole job is to destroy that planet , change the atmosphere from Oxygen saturated to a hot, Carbon and Sulphur  saturated, microwaved surface. So the Human species is born.

Our creators are pretty impressed, we are doing an excellent job and surpassing their expecations, they might move in a 100 years or so.