Aug 292013

I am in few Atheist groups on some social media, and a lot of time posts tend to mock religious belief for their insanity and lack of logic, and there are always theists who complain that we shouldn’t mock other people’s beliefs (not even mentioning death threats and other kind of threats).

We are just mocking religion. On the other hand, in quite a bit of countries just because I am atheist and do not believe your fairy tales I am as good as dead. Either by people who think they are doing their imaginary friends will (usually not punished by their government or given very light sentences) or executed by the government itself (like the “country” of saudi arabia).

In other words: FUCK OFF.


PS: If you don’t want to see your religion mocked, don’t join atheist groups you dimwits!


Aug 282009

-You should believe in god.
-Why should?
-Because that is the right thing to do.
-For you, maybe, but not for me. I decline thanks
-How can you not believe in god eh?? that’s so stupid.
-Look dude, you believe that god is all powerful , right?
-Right, infinite power.
-right… and you believe that god created everything to his own will, right?
-Of COURSE! anybody who can’t see that is an idiot!
-Okay then, god created me atheist, I am sorry its the will of god! you can’t tell me to believe in god since god himself created me atheist! who the heck are you to defy god’s will?!
-ummm…ummm… umm..
-yep !