Jan 242012

For a couple of years we keep getting the same articles from several foreign newspapers about Beirut.
Journalist has a bad image of Beirut, Journalist is invited to a specific hotel in DownTown Beirut, Journalist arrives at airport then taken directly to the hotel avoiding any “bad” areas, Journalist sees DownTown, Journalist sees Gemmayzeh pubs and nightclubs, Journalist is taken to see something handpicked outside Beirut making sure to avoid any “bad” areas. Journalist goes home and write how Lebanon is ALIVE again, how Beirut never sleeps, how Westernised it is , how cool the nightlife is.
Fucking retarded articles, and problem a serious part of Lebanese people believe their lies so much that they live it. Not even seeing that electricity gets cut half of the time for people outside of Beirut, Fresh water is bought in plastic bottles instead from the tap, people can’t afford to live, pay rent for proper buildings (Ashrafieh building anyone?), political instability, war looms in the background all the time, and only the elites enjoy wealth and life.
Yep… Lebanon and Beirut… so damn good.