Apr 212011

Corner St-Laurent and MarieAnne in Montreal.
True Lebanese grills, you would not regret eating there.Highly recommended and tastes like Lebanese food for real, unlike those other “lebanese” chains.
They actually grill the meat on bois franc coal which gives it the good taste unlike the others that threw it on a heat metal sheet.
The garlic sauce is actual garlic sauce, not the diluted one that others use.
The meat is really high quality, the bread is actual Lebanese not those mini pitas, and the vegetables, pickles and what not are exactly what we put in Lebanon with different grills.
Oh and the guys who work there are nice people :).
So again if you are hungry go there 🙂

Jul 172009

So yesterday at like 2 am sleepless sitting in bed, decided to turn on the TV.While I was flipping between channels I landed on the E! channel which had a show about celebrities in swimsuit. What can I say… I just love bikinis :P.

I continued watching, and to please the female audience they had to show some males in swimsuits, so one of them was Jake Gyllenhaal and as an introduction they listed a few things he did and one of them “spooning with Heath Ledger”, which was translated in the Arabic subtitles as “tanawala el ta3am ma3a Heath Ledger” (he had food with Heath Ledger)…

yep… retardation at its best…