Jun 012011

I keep reading how secularism movement keep getting blocked by idiot Lebanese, it’s so frustrating.
Some of them think that they’ll lose their religion, but most just don’t want other sects to have more power because of numbers.
You idiots, in a secular country, sects no longer matter at all, it wouldn’t matter you retards! There will be no power division, no idiot warlords that empty our pockets and destroy our country because of this stupid system we have.
You would be getting a job because you deserve it, not because of certain percentage of each sect for companies, or public sector.
There would be no longer the need to get protection from external forces that have no other intentions then make their war on our land.
Palestinians would be able to have their freedom or a nationality, they have lived with us for more than 60 years and because of this stupid system they live in really bad condition.
I can never finish this post…
Bleh… Fucking Retards!

Jul 262009

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees; Beirut is full of new palm trees. Tall, ugly poles with a bit of “green” on top, nothing says saudization more than a palm tree…

Everywhere you go in Beirut, you see signs of saudizations just to make our dear Saudis feel right at home. From Rawda cafe banning alcohol (kicking out decades old tradition of artists and leftists gathering there), to the constant increase of saudi-catering-hotels (and by catering I mean, the extra services of bringing prostitutes to our dear tourists).

Do you know the kind of reputation Lebanon has in the Gulf? It’s a place where prostitution is everywhere, where all women can be bought.Saudis come here to fuck and drink! that’s about it! Do they go to Baalbeck? no! do they go to Anjar? no! do they go to see Jeita Grotto?? no!!! They come to spend money in nightclubs, supernight clubs and to fuck women!!!!

Our great tourism reduced to alcohol and prostitution!  Lebanon the jewel of the middle east, the Paris of the east is no more than a fuck-hole for those fat saudis who haven’t worked a single day in their lives, and just happen to be born wealthy, come here to fuck!!!

Lebanon who used to be known as the country of services and tourism, is no longer that! Dubai stole the business away while our dear warlords are fighting between each others! Bahrain stole our F1 circuit while our dear warlords fighting on how to divide the profit, and our greenerie is being torn apart to make way for more nightlife related stuff, which the only sector that is booming and still functionning because its the only sector where saudis spend their money on.No proper communication services, no proper electricity, no proper traffic laws, quality of services is damn low, shopping for anything is damn expensive, electronics are double the price than anywhere else, variety is gone, and my dear dear gymmayzeh became a new monot instead of what used to be a cool, bohemian street…

Just go look at the coast: buildings, buildings, buildings everywhere! Look at the front of the mountains, 5 years ago they were green! now its full of hotels !!!! Wake up damn it!  the money only goes to a tiny portion of the Lebanese society, pubs/nightclubs/hotels owners! Not even car rental companies get money out of them since they get their monsters of SUVS and million dollars cars with them.

We are destroying our culture just to provide for those retards and make them feel at home! NEWS FLASH: Traveling is to see new cultures!


Jun 082009

For every retard who has been following the same path for the last few decades, following the same people, being blind to every thing happening around them.

For every retard that accepts things as they are, vote for the same people again and again.

For every retard who knows only how to follow, follow a color, follow a retarded criminal leader.

For every retard that ruined Lebanon and made it unbareable to live there.

For every retard who is happy with the way its going in Lebanon and think that there is nothing wrong in this country, and every person who doesn’t like the way it is just weird or worse.

For you dear retards, watch this movie… hopefully it will snatch you out of your retardation…


Apr 162007

1) Bush killed Superman: Christopher Reeves anyway,If  he wasn’t so conservative and allowed more freedom for Stem Cells Research, Superman might still be alive…

2)In Lebanon you hardly see disabled people or people with mental challenges or down syndrome, it is because their parents and families try to hide them from everyone else? or in Lebanon our genes are so good?(I doubt…).

In Edinburgh, I see them all the time, walking side by side healthy people, working normally despite their disabilities, being productive like everyone else.

So what is different about Lebanon? Shame of them?

3)I wonder what would my parents do if they come to Edinburgh and see all those punk and goth people walking around with 10s of piercings , multi colored hairs,and heavy black make up. Do they know that me and my brother love the goth style? I doubt it… when they saw his piercings they freaked out, then his tattoo it was a disaster… Lucky bastard. I am too hairy to put any tattoo except on my back… will get one when I get enough money for a huge back piece.

4) Today I felt too old to be studying, enough… 4 more months and its over for me. I will not do a PHD next year. Maybe in 5 years…

5)Finally, I am back in the dating game…

6)I cannot do the triathlon in September, the triathlon is gonna be held at Ben Nevis, the high foggy mountain from my hiking trip; its 21 kms up and down.That’s not the problem, I knew its the hardest triathlon ever, the problem its so hard and they do not want anyone to participate that they have a rule which states only people with 3 and more previously accomplished triathlon races can participate.

So what I am gonna do instead is keep training to do the 3 required triathlons in a year and a half (hopefully) then participate next September in the big triathlon.

7)Can’t wait for my flu to go away, so I can back to training. 2 weeks ago I have cycled 25kms my record till now, and I am so damn proud of myself. Next step…25kms with zero resting time :).

8)People ask me if I miss Lebanon, then they get surprised when I say not at all. I miss my family yes… but Lebanon? pfff… its good to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about the silly stuff that happens in Lebanon everyday, will I be able to drive to hamra today, or the traffic will keep next to barbar for half an hour? what time is the electricity gonna be cut today?  is the Internet connection can work today?, because I need to make a research…Will I be able to drive into the street without seeing a small scooter coming the wrong way rapidly ?  Will the day pass without someone making some stupid sectarian remark? Will I be able to say a hello to a girl passing in the street, just because I am passing next to her without her lifting her nose way up the air and give me the menacing look (el ja2ra)…

9)Speaking of girls, 4 years ago I used to be extremely shy even talking to a girl…any girl.Lebanese women used to strike fear in me, they have the I-am-untouchable-girl-unless-you-have-a-new-Mercedes-and-can-buy-me-dinner-at-any-place-that-I-fancy-anytime-I-want attitude (of course there are some exceptions) that changed a lot when I traveled to Europe in 2003 and saw there is nothing wrong with me.

And now in here, this is being reinforced… Sex life in Edinburgh is NORMAL. the way its suppose to be… :P. Well as much normal as it could be when there is some one as freaky and kinky as me :P.

10) I have an assignment due in 21 hours, I haven’t started yet.Others have been trying to do it for 2 weeks now… I think I am gonna finish before them.Heh…