Jul 052009

So I am in Lebanon, came earlier than usual just to attend one of my closest friend’s weddings, and I did not regret it at all.

It’s the best wedding I attended, Spanish theme, Spanish music, and fun fun couple. For once I loved going to a wedding, it was different, refreshing, extremely well designed and nontraditional.

Weddings in Lebanon lately were all about who can spend the most money, and who can have a bigger version of the same traditional style: dabke, same music, same make up, similar dresses, similar flowers arrangement, similar traditions…BORING!!!!

Weddings are a thing if done right, only done once 😉 so why on earth would you want something different than your personality? why would you want to do the same things that everybody else has done?

Kudos to Racha and Karim, hope they have a long happy life together :). Alf Mabrook !!!!

May 202009

So been watching a short 13 episodes anime series called Black Heaven, and I just love it.
It is not your typical anime where its all about goofiness, super powers, flying stuff or what ever. Actually the subject is a very deep subject about reality that crushes dreams, how life becomes more mundane, hitting the routines while your mind still trying to live in the dream.
Of course it has anime features like damn sexy aliens, but that’s not the points, they are like a metaphor and they just help the plot.
If you are a teen, you won’t enjoy this, if you are in your early 20s you won’t enjoy this, but if you like rock, guitars, and you are over 26/27 you will appreciate this anime alot.
I give it a 5 stars.

May 152009

A few hundreds thousands years ago, an Alien species predicted the death of their planet when it gets swallowed by a moving black hole; they needed an escape plan.

They discovered a planet some hundreds light years away that had the perfect distance from a star, but the environment wasn’t suitable for them, and the surface didn’t get enough much needed radiation from their star since it was shielded. Since they were a lazy specie, they decide to let someone else do their job. So they asked their computer to create a destructive, agressive, stupid species that can be implemented on earth and its sole job is to destroy that planet , change the atmosphere from Oxygen saturated to a hot, Carbon and Sulphur  saturated, microwaved surface. So the Human species is born.

Our creators are pretty impressed, we are doing an excellent job and surpassing their expecations, they might move in a 100 years or so.