Sep 052009

Check what the fucking lebanese are doing there.

Leave it for the Lebanese people to be one of the most disgusting , retarded people on earth. Yep, rob those babies from their innocence, good call!
5 years olds???Those parents shouldn’t have had kids in the first place, they should have been neutered and not every allowed to have kids ever!
Mother fuckers! What are they doing? prepare them for a paedophilia ring? or maybe just prepare them to be pretty, shut up and be the future wives of the macho men from the east that come every summer to pick up beautiful brides that would look great next to their million dollar car. Of course only in their garage…

Fucking Lebanese and their shallowness and their idiocy , What the fuck is that? People in the entire world are finding ways to empower women, to put her more in high political positions, parents are teacheing their daughters how to be stronger and take shit from no body! Except Lebanese!

Parents: Baby, be pretty ok? shut up ok? we will find you a nice rich husband. You just stand in the corner and pout! Its okay he might be 40 years older than you, but its okay, you still have your whole life ahead…

And people wonder why I hate stepping foot in Lebanon!

Update: On the other hand this is cool, that’s what women should do!


And parents should do this instead!