May 132011

Today the medical systems company called me to update me on the situation, I am not out of the game yet.
They are still going through other candidates, and will reply to me in a week or so.
That’s neither good nor bad, actually better than I expected, it means I am still in kinda, if they don’t find someone better I might still have a chance.
I hope I impressed them with my theory and my how my brain organises stuff , also how I come up with solutions pretty quickly with eye to what might change in the future. I know that I am REALLY good at that.
I know my programming skills are not that high , so will see.

In the mean time I am happily learning more about web programming and designing so all good :).
Leaving that other company was really the best thing I did in 2011, I know for a fact that two people are leaving as soon as they find something else, 2 others are thinking about it, and another one if his legal situation changes will do it pretty quickly. In the time I was there from feb 2010 till end of aril 2011, out of (max) 55 people , 29 people got fired or resigned (some got replaced some not), it was a really stressful place to be. Most people doing the job of 2 or 3 people, but with less pay than anywhere else. Not a good place, and I predict it will crumble within 2 years unless some really drastic change happens. They were trying to change, but a bit too late… they need to completely overhaul and rebrand themselves for it to work, their reputation is really tainted all over the net.

In other news, I really miss that certain girl. not sure what to do about that, I emailed her some weeks ago, she never answered, maybe she changed her email address, or maybe she just ignored it. who knows. From now on, she will be referred to as Ms. Chick because that was her nickname in arabic, sort off.

Jul 292009

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous (no need for her to get fired) was telling me how her boss asked her to learn a programming language, a web framework so she can be able to do web programming which implicitly require her to learn databases design and query language. No problem here if she is a computer scientist, but  she is a graphic designer. His reasoning  is that  its very easy, and they should learn everything.

Great, programmers go to university for 4 years learning logic, programming software engineering; endless sleepless nights and skiped parties and people think that our job can be learned in a matter of a few hours. No wonder no body understands; when they require a web programming and they get an estimate of several thousands dollars they get shocked ,and think a web application costs like $50 at best (including design and hosting).

Some people need electric poles up their asses…