Dec 062011

They say that in like 10 years, Scientists will find a way to extend the human lifespan for up to 150 years. So me as a 30 year old, I could potentially have 120 more years to live (If I don’t die in a motorcycle accident). Same for most people.
So in those 120 years, Scientists might as well discover a way to extend the life for another 500 years. Then in those 500 years , they might discover a way to live millennia, and then maybe even become immortals.

So my question is, lets say that this becomes a reality, what do religious people do? The whole point of religion is to give believers a set of rules to abide by that stamps them as “good” to be able to book a seat in the supposed heaven.(help the poor to go to heaven is not really being good right?) So what would they do? they are immortals, they can’t kill themselves to go to heaven because it’s a sin. So basically they are stuck or they can go to the supposed hell.

Any ideas?