Mar 082011

So I will be in 30 on the 10th and I think grew quite a bit since I was 20, but the most growing I did was in the last 3 years.
In the last 3 years I learned multiples of what I learned in the previous 7 years.
Probably the biggest hurdle I overcame was depression. Yep I am depression free :).I worked a lot on my anger, I am much much calmer, not the point I want to be yet, but I will get there :).
I learned as well to be a bit selfish, that most people aren’t worth my time, or my investment and not to expect anything from people.
I learned to be less nice as well, if I want to do something and it conflicts with others, I come first :).Sacrificing what I want for others doesn’t pay anything.
I learned that even though the majority of people are not worth my time, some very selected few sure do. Other than my family of course, I realised who are real friends and who are just there by convenience. Real friends help you up when you are in shit, not disappear :).
I learned not see people in rose tainted glasses, if people lie and use you once, they will not change. No need to give them chances.Actually use them in return without feeling any guilt what’s so ever.
About career and work, I learned something important. Do not work your ass off for others, you won’t get anything other than more work , if you are on the bottom of the chain, people will claim your good work as their own and throw their shit that they don’t want on you. Work at the same pace as everyone else.
Relationships wise, if you care too much you are doomed, and if you don’t care at all you are doomed. A balance is important :). Oh and you know what women say they want from men? scrap that :). Do you know how you act among other men? That’s what they want but packaged in a softer way.Oh and you can never be a close friend with a woman who you find cute (will post something about that separately).
So here is to the 30s , the supposedly best decade of a man’s life. and here is to real friends :).

Apr 172007

Are women biologically designed to have multiple partners?
1) Women are multi orgasmic, they do not need to rest after each orgasm like most men do.Should the second man take over at that moment?

2)Women drive men crazy, they want a sensitive guy, and a rough guy, delicate but agressive, with a lot of power but they want to have power over him too, with a lot of money but they want their financial independence, and they can never make up their minds about penis size ,well they do: size does matter.But it seems the variety is what keeps them wanting more.

3)Women reach their sexually peaks after 30 (35-40 or so), men reach it at 17/18.(is nature making a cruel joke?).

4)The biggest fantasy of married men, is to watch their women having sex with another guy (single men have the fantasy of have 2 girls at the same time instead).In fact its encoded in their genes to get pumped with testosterone when they do (which translates to 2 reactions: turned on or violent…depends on the person).Its a natural defense to more excited, sperm production peeks, so he can join in and have the most chance impregnating the woman.

5)Women tend to want muscular, manly, rugged men when they are ovulating and skinny, sensitive men when they are not. (if you can pump muscles in a few days then deflate then good for you).

So what can I deduct from this? women want an old guy with a lot of money, sensitivity, take care of her emotionally, be her best friend, AND give her the freedom to have sex with whomever she wants (ie: young muscled rugged men that can last for ever in bed).

Now, the perfect thing would be: You (yes the man reading this) are young, muscled, and can last forever in bed (learn some tantra and kamasutra), Also you are rich, have some artistic nature, sensitive, educated about women needs, open minded, and have a lot of power (outside home).Good luck with that!!!!!