Aug 292013

I am in few Atheist groups on some social media, and a lot of time posts tend to mock religious belief for their insanity and lack of logic, and there are always theists who complain that we shouldn’t mock other people’s beliefs (not even mentioning death threats and other kind of threats).

We are just mocking religion. On the other hand, in quite a bit of countries just because I am atheist and do not believe your fairy tales I am as good as dead. Either by people who think they are doing their imaginary friends will (usually not punished by their government or given very light sentences) or executed by the government itself (like the “country” of saudi arabia).

In other words: FUCK OFF.


PS: If you don’t want to see your religion mocked, don’t join atheist groups you dimwits!


Jun 012011

I keep reading how secularism movement keep getting blocked by idiot Lebanese, it’s so frustrating.
Some of them think that they’ll lose their religion, but most just don’t want other sects to have more power because of numbers.
You idiots, in a secular country, sects no longer matter at all, it wouldn’t matter you retards! There will be no power division, no idiot warlords that empty our pockets and destroy our country because of this stupid system we have.
You would be getting a job because you deserve it, not because of certain percentage of each sect for companies, or public sector.
There would be no longer the need to get protection from external forces that have no other intentions then make their war on our land.
Palestinians would be able to have their freedom or a nationality, they have lived with us for more than 60 years and because of this stupid system they live in really bad condition.
I can never finish this post…
Bleh… Fucking Retards!

Mar 302011

In Lebanon everybody complains about scooter, they’re noisy, annoying, their riders don’t respect any law what’s so ever, they go the wrong way, they ride on the side walk, they wave in and out of traffic and if you hit them with your car , it’s your fault.
Well, In Montreal, when you take a Motorcycle course and they show you pictures of things not to do, surprise surprise Lebanese scooter drivers come up in their presentation…
Thank you for spreading your retardation 2 continents and an ocean away…

Jul 292009

A friend of mine who will remain anonymous (no need for her to get fired) was telling me how her boss asked her to learn a programming language, a web framework so she can be able to do web programming which implicitly require her to learn databases design and query language. No problem here if she is a computer scientist, but  she is a graphic designer. His reasoning  is that  its very easy, and they should learn everything.

Great, programmers go to university for 4 years learning logic, programming software engineering; endless sleepless nights and skiped parties and people think that our job can be learned in a matter of a few hours. No wonder no body understands; when they require a web programming and they get an estimate of several thousands dollars they get shocked ,and think a web application costs like $50 at best (including design and hosting).

Some people need electric poles up their asses…

Jun 082009

For every retard who has been following the same path for the last few decades, following the same people, being blind to every thing happening around them.

For every retard that accepts things as they are, vote for the same people again and again.

For every retard who knows only how to follow, follow a color, follow a retarded criminal leader.

For every retard that ruined Lebanon and made it unbareable to live there.

For every retard who is happy with the way its going in Lebanon and think that there is nothing wrong in this country, and every person who doesn’t like the way it is just weird or worse.

For you dear retards, watch this movie… hopefully it will snatch you out of your retardation…