Jun 012011

I keep reading how secularism movement keep getting blocked by idiot Lebanese, it’s so frustrating.
Some of them think that they’ll lose their religion, but most just don’t want other sects to have more power because of numbers.
You idiots, in a secular country, sects no longer matter at all, it wouldn’t matter you retards! There will be no power division, no idiot warlords that empty our pockets and destroy our country because of this stupid system we have.
You would be getting a job because you deserve it, not because of certain percentage of each sect for companies, or public sector.
There would be no longer the need to get protection from external forces that have no other intentions then make their war on our land.
Palestinians would be able to have their freedom or a nationality, they have lived with us for more than 60 years and because of this stupid system they live in really bad condition.
I can never finish this post…
Bleh… Fucking Retards!