Oct 202011

Dear Lebanese stop complaining!

You are getting better internet and 3G services and all you can do is whine. All I see is statuses whining that the internet won’t be unlimited , that 3G is expensive?
Really compared to what??Japan? 512mb on 3G in Canada costs $15, it will cost $19 in Lebanon.That’s fucking impressive for a country that a month ago did not have 3G don’t you think?
Canada doesn’t even have 5G packages!!! the limit is 1G and then you pay per mb!
And about the internet, you complain it’s expensive? compared to what too? a year ago in Canada I was paying a bit more than $50 for 8mbit and 30G. There is no such thing as unlimited.
In other words stop following the sheep that are whining because of political agenda and start seeing what you will have! a serious fucking upgrade from what you used to have!
Remember Lebanon is a 3rd world country, with occupied Land, in a war state, in a semi civil war state, where most people are sectarian and hate each other!
So to reach this fucking service is amazing!
If you don’t realise that, then go fuck yourself or something.