Apr 302013

…at work
I do not see my coworkers as man/woman, I see them as coworkers.

So when a certain young woman at work tries to be cute and girlish so she does the minimal work required and makes other guys do her work. She loses all respects in my eyes.
When a young woman is given a task to configure a certain system for the whole team to use, then she does the bare minimum so only her stuff are covered, then she counts on other guys to do the rest. She loses all respects in my eyes.
Unfortunately I have a certain coworker that does that… I see men doing her crap all the time. She tried to pull that on me, I was extremely rude to her and put some distance.
Every once in a while she tries to do it again.
She tried that yesterday and at the end I came this morning to see the work finished, but done by another coworker.
I had to have a talk with him.

I see it this way, women fought for 50+ years to get equality and a “girl” like that craps on it all.
Equality comes with the advantages and disadvantages.Deal with it.

Jul 072011

13 to 15 July: International Startup Festival.
I am going to learn from experts on how to create my own startup. That’s it , I am going with it. I took 2 entire courses of entrepreneurship at Edinburgh for this. I should go ahead. I am not the kind that works well under a boss. đŸ™‚

16 to 17 July: Metallica and Satriani in Quebec City.
I think it’s self explanatory. right? right?

Other than that, I need to get some sports equipments, like dumbbells, yoga mat etc.
Because this guy is going to try the P90X program. Already heard from 2 others that it really works. So yep :). (gym is boring)

May 192011

So medical systems company called me again, still no final decision. They will inform me next week probably.

I have been networking, learning , bought lots of books and even checked out a place where you can rent a place in a coworking company thing… if the medical systems thing failed, I am going forward with my own project.

I got my package (ticket/rfid/armband) for Metallica and Satriani :). Considering going to HeavyMTL this year too (Kiss, Motorhead, Anthrax, Disturbed…)

And it’s 23 degrees outside :P.

Apr 132011

First thing:
Media is really bad
•TV: Boring, Expensive, Repetitive, ads again and again and again
•Internet: Expensive, Limited bandwith compared to Europe (let’s not compare it to Lebanon the officially worse country in the world)
•Radio: GAHHHH!
•Mobile: EXPENSIVE!!!!! and CRAP!!!!, things they charge you for in here come for free worldwide! imagine they charge you for receiving phone calls! minutes are deducted!!! on top of that while for example UK offer 2000 minutes per month packages , in here they offer 200 mins packages for the same prices, and receiving international calls or messages is a disaster (I almost never ever receive international text and people think I am ignoring them).

Second Thing:
Some companies follow the american way of paying but without the perks of the american way. They do not pay for overtime, on call or what ever that is. Also we have 10 business days of vacation per year and 5 sick days! Compared for example to scotland where you could have 25 days. So basically people tend not to take any off days ever and they try to group them together for a nice vacation, so people when fucking sick come to work anyway and all they do is cough and sneeze and they fucking infect everybody else like it happened to me :). I am home and sick and just spent my last sick of the year because of that stupid system.
Thank you very much…

Mar 082011

So I will be in 30 on the 10th and I think grew quite a bit since I was 20, but the most growing I did was in the last 3 years.
In the last 3 years I learned multiples of what I learned in the previous 7 years.
Probably the biggest hurdle I overcame was depression. Yep I am depression free :).I worked a lot on my anger, I am much much calmer, not the point I want to be yet, but I will get there :).
I learned as well to be a bit selfish, that most people aren’t worth my time, or my investment and not to expect anything from people.
I learned to be less nice as well, if I want to do something and it conflicts with others, I come first :).Sacrificing what I want for others doesn’t pay anything.
I learned that even though the majority of people are not worth my time, some very selected few sure do. Other than my family of course, I realised who are real friends and who are just there by convenience. Real friends help you up when you are in shit, not disappear :).
I learned not see people in rose tainted glasses, if people lie and use you once, they will not change. No need to give them chances.Actually use them in return without feeling any guilt what’s so ever.
About career and work, I learned something important. Do not work your ass off for others, you won’t get anything other than more work , if you are on the bottom of the chain, people will claim your good work as their own and throw their shit that they don’t want on you. Work at the same pace as everyone else.
Relationships wise, if you care too much you are doomed, and if you don’t care at all you are doomed. A balance is important :). Oh and you know what women say they want from men? scrap that :). Do you know how you act among other men? That’s what they want but packaged in a softer way.Oh and you can never be a close friend with a woman who you find cute (will post something about that separately).
So here is to the 30s , the supposedly best decade of a man’s life. and here is to real friends :).

Apr 122007

My mind has been caressed for sometime now with the thought of starting my own venture, being my own boss, taking my own risk, building everything from scratch; Since it will be an IT based company, the first thing I thought about was my friends(since most of them are geeks), I should get them to work with me…

After a long thinking and consideration, even that I trust how they work and how honest they are, working with my friends would be a big no no. In case of problems at work, the last thing I want is that it ruins our friendship…

So..no thanks