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So here in Edinburgh, the christmas spirit is already everywhere, lights, shopping, cards, etc…
and toys a lot of toys…well not Christmas spirit, more like the “modern” spirit.
So with all this, I was trying to remember the earlier Christmas day that I could remember;
I remember at the time that me, my mother and brother were living(temporarly) in another country due to another war in lebanon and my father came to see us.On christmas morning, I woke up, ran to the living room to see a fully assembled toy train and track, it used to run on batteries and the cool thing smoke actually came out of it, (they don’t make toys like they used to…), anyway it was so much fun; since I was a kid I liked motorized vehicules.
But now, thinking about it…I just laugh.I was really fully capable at that age to assemble the track for the train, it wasn’t hard at all, so why did dad open up my present? why didn’t he wait for me so I open the present that he got me? you know… part of the pleasure is actually unwrapping the gift, so what I really think happened is… DAD WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE TRAIN TOO…
Come on, think about it… he was about 35, and this cool new toy that runs and smokes and makes noise…. I am almost 26 and if I see such a toy, I would really be playing with it :P.
Don’t ask…boys and toys… 😛 ….
when I go back home in 7 days, I am gonna face dad :P.
I wonder what he will say :P…

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  1. You know I completely understand wanting to play with toys (although I am a girl). I always play with my nephews toys, or nintendo or playstation, God knows how much I like Remote Controlled cars! I think I am getting my bro one, he’s 34 and he’s been asking for one lol

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