Feb 292008

So I thought that I am going to be Original replacing the Original F-word by Freedom which is much more shocking lately, But a quick shot of googling around shows that a few thousand other people had the same idea… I am very original :P.

Anyway, the F-word according to Bush is coming to Lebanon in the shape of a Floating atrocity called USS Cole, like Cole Khara (for the non lebs: Cole Khara means Eat shit ). It will Bring stability, Freedom, Democracy to Lebanon exactly the same kind that the Afghan and Iraquis have and cherish so much that they blow themselves up in market places , its pure happiness I tell you.

Well at least its better than Syria(Fascist) and Iran(Fundamentalist) some say, in what way I ask? The Bush(pun intended) thinks creationism is as credible as Evolution (notice that I did not capitalise creationism, because I think its ultimate BS, even writing the whole word was painful for me), he is a C student, who think that Israel has to be given enough power then to collapse at its peek when Christ comes back. He is just reshaping the world to his fundamentalist ideas, and he is using everything to fulfill his “destiny”. So please could you please, double please prefer Lebanon? Is it too hard to ask? Just Lebanon?

Who am I kidding? Lebanon is almost dead.

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  6 Responses to “The F-Word”

  1. “Cole Khara”: v witty. I am quoting.

  2. hehe 😛

  3. Hehehehe fazee3!

  4. thanks 😛

  5. Nice word play! walla byetla3 minnak 😛

  6. I can’t find your mobile phone number man, give me a call asap, I’m buying beer to some friends for my name day.



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