Jul 262009

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees; Beirut is full of new palm trees. Tall, ugly poles with a bit of “green” on top, nothing says saudization more than a palm tree…

Everywhere you go in Beirut, you see signs of saudizations just to make our dear Saudis feel right at home. From Rawda cafe banning alcohol (kicking out decades old tradition of artists and leftists gathering there), to the constant increase of saudi-catering-hotels (and by catering I mean, the extra services of bringing prostitutes to our dear tourists).

Do you know the kind of reputation Lebanon has in the Gulf? It’s a place where prostitution is everywhere, where all women can be bought.Saudis come here to fuck and drink! that’s about it! Do they go to Baalbeck? no! do they go to Anjar? no! do they go to see Jeita Grotto?? no!!! They come to spend money in nightclubs, supernight clubs and to fuck women!!!!

Our great tourism reduced to alcohol and prostitution!  Lebanon the jewel of the middle east, the Paris of the east is no more than a fuck-hole for those fat saudis who haven’t worked a single day in their lives, and just happen to be born wealthy, come here to fuck!!!

Lebanon who used to be known as the country of services and tourism, is no longer that! Dubai stole the business away while our dear warlords are fighting between each others! Bahrain stole our F1 circuit while our dear warlords fighting on how to divide the profit, and our greenerie is being torn apart to make way for more nightlife related stuff, which the only sector that is booming and still functionning because its the only sector where saudis spend their money on.No proper communication services, no proper electricity, no proper traffic laws, quality of services is damn low, shopping for anything is damn expensive, electronics are double the price than anywhere else, variety is gone, and my dear dear gymmayzeh became a new monot instead of what used to be a cool, bohemian street…

Just go look at the coast: buildings, buildings, buildings everywhere! Look at the front of the mountains, 5 years ago they were green! now its full of hotels !!!! Wake up damn it!  the money only goes to a tiny portion of the Lebanese society, pubs/nightclubs/hotels owners! Not even car rental companies get money out of them since they get their monsters of SUVS and million dollars cars with them.

We are destroying our culture just to provide for those retards and make them feel at home! NEWS FLASH: Traveling is to see new cultures!


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  1. LOL!… Bahrain complains of the same thing… most families now FORBID their daughters to go out on weekends… you can imagine why… I wish they would bomb the causeway between Bahrain and Saudi…
    Just a couple of minor things:

    1. F1 is in Bahrain not Qatar…
    2. Palm trees are from the Gulf in general and Iraq (Bahrain was once called balad el million nakhla!)
    3. Saudi is a very rich country as u know but most Saudis are not… their salaries are high (compared to Lebanon let’s say, that’s y u c SO many Lebanese working in Saudi) that’s how they can afford so many things, they’re not “saudis who haven’t worked a single day in their lives, and just happen to be born wealthy”! (that’s more like Paris Hilton LOL!)
    4. hmm Lebanese are moslty seen as “we would do anything for money” in the Gulf! We don’t c them as “a place where prostitution is everywhere, where all women can be bought” (ofcourse some Saudis would think that even of neighboring countries so don’t worry it’s not only Lebanese, it’s the Saudi mentality!)
    5. I moslty blame our countries for “providing” those services more than blaming them… If we didn’t have those things they wouldn’t come and they would have at least respected us!
    6. Don’t we love Saudis 🙂

  2. 1. fixed it
    2. Palm trees are a sign because of the donations/investments saudis make in those hotels and night life stuff.
    3.We only get the filthy rich saudis.
    4. Lebanese are low lives
    5.see 4.
    6. fucking hate them…

  3. AGREE! There is a lot more you can write. As for the working female society for Saudi visitors, it’s true but prostitution is a common thing in every country, nothing differs but the percentage!

    To answer Mimi comment number 4. Well not only in the Gulf but in any other country Lebanese would do anything. I’ve seen them work in gas station whereas in Lebanon you have a Syrian or a foreigner working for them. So this is just an example to say:
    It’s typical Lebanese, they agree to be humiliated in every foreign country and when they go back to Lebanon they pretend to own a city where they live.

    I like the post kod (y)

  4. Thank you for writing this!!!!!! It totally expresses my opinion about things.. Couldn’t agree more.. And i think this is such a sad thing, and it’s getting worse year after year. Lebanon needs serious support on the arts & culture level: lots of potential but no money invested in that area at all. Besides, about Gemmayzeh, that’s exactly it. Used to enjoy going there (escaping from monot) now it’s just the same. Hope they don’t do the same to Jounieh and Byblos.. I think it’s the 2 left out areas that are still not affected by this “night club” phenomenon, but they’re on the way….

  5. Maya when I went to beitdine a week ago, not one single saudi! the theatre was full , full, full! most of them were Lebanese, a few europeans. But didn’t notice 1 single gulfy!

  6. as we say in lebanon KHEI!!!
    i love to see peoples eyes being pryed open
    im not a self hating lebanese, just a critical one.
    people here have no notion of responsability, patriotism, and self preservation. so in short yes we are retarded. but i imagine that lebanon is a playground even for the lebanese, the whole country is treated like an amusment park, and in reality IS a CARNIVAL! for fucks sake, those of us who are aware need to make a stand and eliminate dipshits even if it calls for violence since its the only thing people in the MIDDLE EAST repect.

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