Jun 292009

I never ever understood some men who would only marry a virgin specially if they have been fucking around for a long time(if they are both virgins, then its fine its just their convictions then), I mean if they considering getting de-flowered (yeah stupid term) evil , bad, dirty, or what ever, then why would they want to do that themselves? it means that they are total sadistic assholes wanting to be the only person doing the “ruining”…


  One Response to “The stupid high status of virginity…”

  1. Well, the men who think this way don’t consider women as their equals, this is why they allow themselves complete sexual freedom (because this makes them more macho and more “wantable” by women in their opinion) but want to marry a woman who is a virgin because they don’t want to “share” her with anyone else. Again, this goes back to many centuries ago, and to selfish/macho male behavior… But thanks for writing this! I know many people who should read it and get inspired 🙂

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