Apr 272007

1)Learn Languages: German(again),Swedish(guess why :P),Norwegian/Danish,Swiss-German,Greek,Indian,Japanese,Chinese,Italian,Spanish, Catalan,Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Farsi.

2)Get 2 motorcycles, a cruiser for everyday use and a track sports bike for weekend fun.

3)Get back to Judo.

4)Add Kendo to that.

5)Make the world tour on a motorcycle.

6)Finish 10 triathlons.

7)Be top 10 in at least 1.

8)Have a threesome, make that two… FFM and MMF.

9)Get a dog.

10)Do the Paris-Dakar race.

11)Cruise the US on a Harley

12)Own a Boat and live in it.

13)Visit all Continents.

14) Do humanitarian work in Africa for a year.

15)Join the mile high club.

16)Buy my parents a nice house in the country side.

17)find someone to share all this with me.

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  2 Responses to “Things to do before I die”

  1. hehehehe best list ever! i’d agree to almost half of it!! you used to write interesting posts, what happened to you?

  2. Better than empty posts with nothing in them…

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