May 122011

During the 2006 war , tons of lebanese fled the violence and went to syria for shelter and they got welcomed with open arms, and now when syrians need to flee their country because of violence committed to them by their government [shelling with thanks residential areas] what does Lebanon do??? refuse them entry!!!
WTF is that??? you are accessory to MURDER!!!!

Update: seems they are allowed in, either it was a rumor or they were not allowed for a while. Not sure, but it was in several articles.Meh I should reading Lebanon news, each invent lies to slander what ever side… Bleh.

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  2 Responses to “This is disgusting Lebanon!!!!”

  1. wait, i thought i heard on the news that they are actually welcome in lebanon! (unless ur post is older than my news?)

    btw, just found the blog bel ghalat… i like!

  2. Yeah my post was older. They are welcome now.
    Thanks keep passing by.

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