Oct 152006

I feel pretty ignorant on what happened during the civial war in lebanon, since when it was over I was 10 years old.
what is a good book (or series of books) that can tell me what happened then as neutraly as possible(if there is such a thing).
any help would be appreciated…

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  1. There is actually a book written by Kamal Salibi but I don’t remember the name, I’ll try to do it.

  2. Robert Fisk’s Pity the Nation. Controversial political analysis, but factually superior to any other, as far as I know.

  3. Seconding hassan.
    Rober fisk’s pitty the nation, but don’t panic when you see its size. It’s entertaining, you can read chapters (since they are not so long) from time to time.
    Moreover, it’s easy and in a story telling form but with a journalistic taste. it fits for the before-sleep-story :P, especially if there’s fog 😀
    ps. you can find it where u r now 😉

  4. okie Robert Fisk’s book it is then. :).

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