Jun 252007

Fore more than a month now, our soldiers were being killed by terrorist in Lebanon, and I was getting more depressed everyday when reading the headlines when I wake in the morning.

Today I couldn’t stop myself from crying when I saw a tribute page made for all the martyrs, most of those soldiers are my age and younger, they weren’t killed running or doing nothing, they were killed because they are defending us from fucking assholes that are doing everything in the name of a religion…

It really annoys me when people criticise the army as weak and inexperience and make fun of it, its the fault of the fucking government that you support assholes, they have been asking for weapons for years, but the fucking government had other plans, steal steal steal, get Ferraris, mansions, and chalets on the beaches, and let our soldiers die…

Fuck anyone who supports this government of thieves.

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  4 Responses to “Today I cried…”

  1. damn right man

  2. fag 😛

    seriously though man.. this is fucking lebanon. people won’t change. and whoever is against the government’s ways of doing things will invariably do the same things when they get to power… that’s what’s killing the country.

  3. Chady…

    Good to know ……

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