Oct 122006

People wonder sometimes why people are so agressive and try to really analyse things…
how on earth you want a guy to be other than a mean agressive violence loving person? when he is just born he gets smacked on his butt, then a few hours later a knife cuts thru his penis without any anesthetic, a few years later he is yelled at if he shits in his diapers, a few years later he is not allowed to cry (because boys don’t cry), and all his life his level of manhood is defined by how much self abuse he can take: how much he can drink more than his friends, how much he can work all night, how much he can go without eating, etc…
Angry music, Angry films, Angry cartoons, Angry and Bloody news, war, and all that can be saw when he is only 12 …
And why on earth you think any person would become anything but violent, agressive and war loving person??
And the only thing that can prevent this which is love (in all its form) is alot less from he deserves.

lets take an example which I love alot: SEX, yep..(some people I know will say now, here comes the pervert again :P)…but I am serious.
A kid can watch GIJOE at 8 years old (explosions, fighting, shooting) but only allowed to watch semi nudity at 15, full sex till 18…a whole 10 years later.And even what they call sex videos is full of violence, Porn has been changing lately to “violent” porn, and I don’t mean the actors and actresses beat the shit out of each others, but they mechanized sex (spelling?), they made it an act without any emotions at all,(excluding some companies that still film what they call sensual porn), damn it even one night stands have more emotions than porn movies…

Another thing…circumcision, its suppose to be all about cleaniness and “better” when its fact its just a way to less the sensitivity and lessen masturbation, so what happens? the man who are circumcised tend to want sex much more because they are never satisfied enough with what they get. Have you ever compared how circumcised men and uncircumcised men masturbate? one is beating it agressively (yeah agressiviness related to pleasure again) and the other is stroking it slowly and softly (I wouldn’t know, my foreskin is gone bye bye).

till when this shit is gonna happen? till when violence is ok ? till when you people are gonna get surprised when someone does something stupid as shooting innocent people? DUH, its all he’s seen his entire life.

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