Oct 222006

so I was going back from a party, at like 3:30 am I was at the door of my building, then I hear this voice from far yelling for help, at first I thought it was a joke, then the yelling kept so I started to follow the sound slowly, it was disappearing, then I was thinking…like maybe its a trap…a woman says help me, good doers would follow the sound to the secluded place in the middle of the night and they get robbed, So I called the police: I told them I can hear a woman screaming for help and I can’t locate her, then in the middle of the coversation a 50 to 60 year old woman appeared from behind a house, all dirty, bare foot and apparently drunk, She wasn’t in her house, she didn’t know where she is or how she got there, and all this time the police was on the phone with me.

After I hang up , waiting for them to arrive; she was like who did you call, when she knew she was like : “oh no, why did you call the police, you are gonna waste their time…ok look…when they arriv e you gonna pretend you are my boyfriend”. I was like noooo… she is like 60 and I am 25…how on earth she thought that would work out…bah she was drunk.
So she cursed that I am not being helpful, and some #@%$@#$#@ and more #@$%$#%$#%…then she turned to be the innocent loving thankfull person (drunk people..bleh)…then she wanted to jump over the fence, I refused to help her. for all I know she might be a thief who is trying to get out. But when she insisted on jumping and she fell on the sidewalk…at the same moment the police arrived, I told him everything , he took my name and address, and moved on.
What a night…
oh yeah, forgot…she wanted to go inside the private property so i can search with her for her bag…yeah right.

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