Jan 182007

The posts about women and men want are all over the Lebanese blogosphere and for some reason there is alot of stereotyping and generalization.
So inspired by this, I am posting of what I want in a woman…

1-I want a woman to ride her own motorcycle next to me, and not riding behind me on the back seat.
2-I want a woman to work on her own computer next to me, and if she has a problem to try to fix it on her own before she comes running to me.
3-I want a woman that is not ashamed of her body and what her body needs.
4-I want a woman that takes care of herself, and her health… no half of ton of make up doesn’t count as taking care of yourself, nor the latest clothes count either.
5-I want a woman who is very open minded and like to try new things all the time.
6-I want a woman who has her own girl friends and has girls nights out, while I am having boys nights out.
7-I want a woman who is adventurous and spontaneous, like suggesting out of the bloom to have an unplanned motorcycle trip across Europe.
8-I want a woman who can help me become a better person.
9-I want a woman that can be my best friend, my lover, and my companion without dependency.
10-Finally, I want a woman that loves me.

(of course all things are mutual, not like she does all the work and I sit like a lazy bum on the couch)

and I think I found that woman, but getting her to be with me is an entire different story…

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  17 Responses to “What I want.”

  1. *sigh*
    such a great post with reasonable desires, and ruined by the last line.

    hope it works out

  2. thanks and hope so too.
    sometimes I am so in the mood just to give her the link to my blog…

  3. You are really a very nice guy wissam 🙂 And you said some really great things in this post!

  4. thank you liliane

  5. reasonable demands… therefore: unlikely. i think in love, reason, categories and explanations just don’t make any sense any more. but… i hope you do get her:) (lucky her!)

  6. Yeah I agree, you’re a nice person, not at all like what you try to project~ 😉

    Wish you the best of luck with her!

  7. But delirious, that’s the same attitude and posts that I always had towards women.
    read all my posts about women it says more or less the same.

  8. I meant when I met you in person 🙂
    You’re kind of different from your blog.

  9. you mean I looked evil?
    or crazy?
    or what? 😛

  10. LOL!
    No.. you just looked normal, not a pervert like on your blog :P:P

  11. come on, I am not that perverted on my blog.
    just sexual stuff isn’t something shameful to discuss for me.

  12. I’m kidding wlo, min kill 3a2lak?!
    Inta mtalla3 hal seet 3a 7alak… about pervertedness. I find you perfectly normal on and off blogging 😉

  13. yayyyyyyyy I am normal 😛

  14. LOL
    I didn’t have time to refresh the page 😀

  15. haha
    I get notification in the email directly that someone commented :).
    so I am pretty quick in replying

  16. khalas add me on gmail… this nick. @gmail

  17. …And he does it again!! 😀

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